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About Clone Ordering: We are attempting to work out arrangements with groups that are making clones available, but many clones are simply unavailable. Please note that MaizeGDB does not ship or store clones, microarrays, library plates, or any other reagents; we merely hope to connect users to these resources when we are aware of their availability.

Zea mays B73 Genome information

Chromosome B73 RefGen_v1 B73 RefGen_v2 B73 RefGen_v3 Publication
Chromosome 1 GK000031.1 GK000031.2 GK000031.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 2 GK000032.1 GK000032.2 GK000032.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 3 GK000033.1 GK000033.2 GK000033.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 4 CM000780.1 CM000780.2 CM000780.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 5 CM000781.1 CM000781.2 CM000781.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 6 CM000782.1 CM000782.2 CM000782.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 7 GK000034.1 GK000034.2 GK000034.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 8 CM000784.1 CM000784.2 CM000784.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 9 CM000785.1 CM000785.2 CM000785.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Chromosome 10 CM000786.1 CM000786.2 CM000786.3 PubMed, MaizeGDB
Source: Zea mays ssp mays B73 inbred genome overview at GenBank (Project ID: 9514)

Details on Contigs

We store membership information for genomic and EST/cDNA contigs built at PlantGDB and for the maize gene index EST tentative consensus (TC) contigs built originally by TIGR and later by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. If you look up a sequence using its GenBank identifier at MaizeGDB, on the sequence display page you will find links to PlantGDB and TC contigs that include that sequence.

The PlantGDB EST and cDNA assembly pipeline is described here. The PlantGDB GSS assembly is described here. The current version of the PlantGDB contigs is based on GenBank release 157a.

Discussion of Sequence Data for the General Public