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Also see SNPversity: This tool allows you to query genotype data.

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Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center Resources

The Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center maintains an extensive collection of maize genetic stocks. MaizeGDB supports the Stock Center by providing interlinked stock information throughout our database, as well as reports and catalogues of Stock Center stocks, and the ability to order stocks or request more information directly from the Stock Center.

The primary portal to genetic stocks (germplasm) is distributed by the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center, Urbana IL. Additional germplasm may also be accessed from this site, for example germplasm with molecular or phenotype data represented in MaizeGDB. Many of these non-mutant resources, may be requested from the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station (NCRPRIS).

The Stock Center Catalog is an extensive categorized listing of the stocks available from the stock center.

A key for how to Decrypt Stock Packet Labels is often helpful for researchers unfamiliar with the Stock Center's labelling practices.

You may also sort lines from the Ames Diversity Panel based on IBS (Identity by State) score using the TYPSimSelector.

Search for and download Trait Values.

Search and Browse Phenotypes in Stock Collections

Stocks Distributed by the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center

The Core COOP Collection

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EMS Inflorescence Project Mutants (S Hake) Sequence-tagged insertion mutants
UniformMu (D McCarty). View UniformMu trakcs on the Genome Browser (B73_V2, B73_V3, B73_V4, B73_V5 W22_V2).
RescueMU (Walbot). Database with images from screenings for seed, seedling and adult stages
Ac/Ds/Ds-GFP (Dooner). Track on Genome Browser (B73_V2, B73_V3)

Stocks Distributed by Individual Projects

Sequence-tagged insertions Ac/Ds Brutnell & Vollbrecht. See track on Genome Browser (B73_V2, B73_V3)
Mu (Barkan). See track on Genome Browser (B73_V3, B73_V4)
GFP-tagged proteins (JCVI) Track on Genome Browser (B73_V2, B73_V3)

The maize NAM founders

The maize Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population was developed by the "Molecular and Functional Diversity of the Maize Genome" project. The 26 diverse founder lines are listed below. Reference: Yu et al., 2008.

Stocks may be ordered from the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center.

Mo17 (IBM)

Stocks at MaizeGDB

Discussion of Stock Data for the General Public

What is a stock?

A stock is a sample of corn that expresses a specific variation (or a specific small set of variations). Thus, stocks are living examples of variation data.

Why store stock data?

Storing stock data makes it easy for scientists interested in a particular variation or locus to find and acquire living tissue that contains this desired variation.