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2016 Maize Genetics Conference Registration:

How To Register:

To attend the meeting, you will need to purchase both a conference pass (step 1 below) and a hotel package (step 2) at the meeting site. The pass and package are required to attend the conference, and both must be purchased. The Conference Pass includes everyone's share of the meeting and poster room rental costs along with all the audio-visual and poster equipment, and other conference fees. The hotel package covers the hotel room costs and also includes meals, conference service fees and other meeting costs. The cost per person for the conference pass will be $200 for regular attendees (see full fee schedule below). Rooms are $218.67 per night/$656 for three conference nights for a double room. The breakdown of the hotel and registration package for government employees can be found here. Please make roommate arrangements before you reserve your hotel room and make the reservation with both guest names.

There are four steps to complete the registration process for the 2016 meeting:

Step 1Registration Follow the registration instructions on this page. Registration includes abstract books and some of the other meeting costs.
Step 2Hotel Package To make reservations for the conference hotel follow the the Hotel instructions on this page. The Package includes lodging, meals and some of the meeting costs.
Step 3Abstract submission To submit a talk or poster abstract follow the instructions on this page. You must be registered for the conference to submit an abstract.
Step 4Financial Aid Please read about the eligibility requirements before applying for the award.

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Step 1
Registration Package (Registration and Meeting):


Full registration is due by January 29, 2016.

Registration will open in October. We strongly encourage you to register in advance of the meeting as pre-registration allows us to compile a list of attendees with their affiliations, pre-print nametags, and give meal guarantees.

Registration Package:


Alternatively, you may download a registration form and mail or FAX it with your registration payment.

International Attendees:

Those international attendees who require letters of invitation to facilitate visa processing may contact the meeting Chair, David Braun.

To travel to this conference, you may need to obtain a non-immigrant visitor's (or other) visa, usually from a US embassy in your home country. Please determine specific requirements for your country. Relevant information may be found at US government web sites:

Registration Package Fees:

Registration fees are as follows:

Advance Registration (Academic and Industry participants) $200
Postdoc $100
Emeritus/Retired attendees No fee
Student* (see below for clarification) No fee
Registration after January 29, 2016 $250

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Step 2
Hotel Package (Lodging, Meals, and Services):

Please read the following instructions before you reserve your hotel room:
  1. Before proceeding to the reservation link, please make roommate arrangements if you plan to share a room. The meeting site does not have a fixed process to handle room sharing, the participant should find a roommate (Need help finding a roommate), and discuss the payment with each other. Please find a roommate in advance and make the reservation with both guest names.
  2. The front desk can only check you in if they received a whole room deposit. If you have a roommate and you arrive at the hotel at the same time, each person will pay one-half the room deposit and check-in at the front desk of hotel. If a participant arrives at the hotel first, and wants to check-in first, the guest will have to pay the whole room deposit (the balance will be returned at check out), and each guest will pay for half of the room charge when they check-out.
  3. If you want to cancel the room reservation, cancel the booking before March 7th, 2016 for a full refund. If an attendee cancels the room reservation after March 7th, 2016, they will be charged for a room rate of one night.
  4. Anyone not staying at the hotel or has a reservation with the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville but didn't register in the Maize Reservation Block by January 29, 2016 still needs to pay for the hotel package of $603.29 that covers meals, conference service fees and other meeting costs. Please email [email protected] to make payment arrangements or call 573-882-8320 to pay with a credit card. Please pre-pay for this option by March 11, 2016 to expedite conference registration check-in.
  5. Please be aware that because of the size of the hotel rooms, if you select either a triple or quad occupancy for the hotel room, it is likely that roommates will need to share a bed.
All the participants need to make hotel reservations using the following link:


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Step 3
Abstract Submission:

All abstracts must be submitted electronically by January 22, 2016. Use the link below to begin the process of submitting your abstract. Please indicate on the abstract form whether you wish to present a talk or a poster. Abstracts are limited to 300 words. Time constraints on the meeting may mean that some authors who request oral presentations will be asked to present their data in poster format instead. Abstracts should be submitted under one of the seven research topic categories listed on this abstract submission page and meeting website, based on which the submitter believes is most appropriate. Session topics will be determined (by the MGCSC) based on the abstracts selected for talks, but will likely be similar to the listed categories.


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Step 4
Financial Aid:

There are two types of financial aid for the 58th Annual Maize Genetics Conference:

MaGNET Awards:

The MaGNET Awards program will provide competitive support for attendance at the Conference, for members of underrepresented groups, as well as for faculty mentors accompanying eligible students.

Student Registration/Financial Aid:

The application deadline will be January 29, 2016.

The steering committee is soliciting federal grants and industry donations to help defray meeting costs for graduate students and for those undergraduates who are the first and presenting author of a poster or talk. When making your hotel room reservation, please select double occupancy (or greater) as we hope that the maximum subsidy provided will cover this amount. The subsidy will be applied to the charges billed by Hyatt Regency. Students will be notified by email of the amount of the subsidy about two weeks prior to the meeting. To apply, a student must:
  1. Make reservations at the Hyatt Regency (credit card will not be charged until checkout).
  2. Register for the conference using the online meeting registration form; be sure to indicate your student status and include the requested additional information about your advisor, etc. (do not include payment for meeting registration).
Students are actively encouraged to apply for travel awards within their graduate program, college or university. If you have concerns about student financial aid or need information to assist in any local grant application, please do not hesitate to contact the conference chair, David Braun, at [email protected].

NO applications for student support received after January 29, 2016 will be considered. Please act promptly to assure that your application is received before this deadline.

Important Dates
Conference Date
Start Date 17 Mar 2016
End Date 20 Mar 2016

Deadlines Date
MaGNET 15 Jan 2016
Abstract Submission 29 Jan 2016
Registration Site 29 Jan 2016
Financial Aid 29 Jan 2016
Hotel Check availability
Workshop Registration March 4, 2016

News & Information
Nov 16: 2016 Maize Meeting website is live.


Workshops are being offered on MaizeGDB, Gramene, and the status of new genome assemblies before the Maize Meeting on Thursday, March 17, 2016.

Meeting Organizers
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