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The Maize Genetics Cooperation (MGC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The specific purpose of the corporation is to advance the interests of a community of people who (a) conduct research in maize genetics, genomics, and breeding, and (b) train and develop the next generation of scientists. The overall goal is to facilitate progress in maize research through collaboration and cooperation by sharing published and unpublished materials, data, and ideas. See the full set of by-laws

The Maize Genetics Cooperation is managed by a board of directors (BOD) that oversees four major committees as seen below. The committees are responsible for Advocacy, Outreach, Awards, and the Maize Genetics Meeting. For information about each committee, click on the tabs near the top of the page.

Board of Directors (BOD)

Manage the Maize Genetics Cooperation including management, coordination and fiduciary, financial and legal responsibilities.

Maize Genetics Advocacy Committee (MGAC)

Advance interests of the International Maize Genetics Community, to represent and promote diversity, inclusion and support advocacy related activities such as communications with national funding agencies and stakeholders.

Maize Genetics Awards & Nominations Committee (ANC)

Announce awards, seek nominations of diverse candidates and proceed with selection of meritorious awardees

Committee on Outreach, Diversity, Inclusion, and Education (CODIE)

Increase the equitable representation of people within the Maize Genetics Cooperative and it's leadership; within the area of Maize Genetics, STEM education, research, and industry.

Maize Genetics Meeting Steering Committee (MGMSC)

Organize, plan content and execute all activities needed for the annual Maize Genetics Meeting