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New Additions For 2020
Reciprocal Translocations (comprehensive list)
Catalog of Intermated B73 x Mo17 Recombinant Inbred Populations
Nested Association Mapping Recombinant Inbred Lines
Catalog of Stocks Characterized Only by Phenotype
Maize Gene Discovery Project stock database
Maize Inflorescence Architecture Project stock database
Catalog of Cornell Cytoplasm Stocks
Catalog of ChromDB Stocks

Chromosome 1 Markers


Chromosome 2 Markers


Chromosome 3 Markers


Chromosome 4 Markers


Chromosome 5 Markers


Chromosome 6 Markers


Chromosome 7 Markers


Chromosome 8 Markers


Chromosome 9 Markers


Chromosome 10 Markers


Unplaced Genes


Multiple Genes


Rare Isozyme




Alien Addition






Cytoplasmic-Sterile / Restorer


Cytoplasmic Trait




B-A Translocations (Basic Set)


B-A Translocations (Others)




Reciprocal Translocations (wx1 and Wx1 marked)